Day care 

Before going to school, children have the right to early childhood education and care, or day care/kindergarden. A child can be in day care for at least 20 hours a week or more if the parents are working or studying. Day care also helps children learn social skills. In day nurseries and family day care, children spend a lot of time outdoors and playing. If your child does not speak Finnish or Swedish, they will get support to learn the language. 

Preschool education 

All children attend pre-school education. Pre-school education lasts for one year and is compulsory but free of charge. There are usually four hours of pre-school education a day from Monday to Friday. During pre-school education, children learn skills that will help them in school, such as letters. It includes outdoor activities and play. If your child does not speak Finnish or Swedish, the child will receive support to learn the language. 

You can find application instructions for day care and pre-primary education on the municipalities' websites: 

Day care in Forssa

Contact person: Anja Saarinen, p.03 4141 5759,  anja.saarinen(at) 

Humppila day care

Contact: Katja Ojala, tel. 050 542 2030 ,katja.ojala(at) 

Jokioinen day care

Contact person: Arja Mikkola, tel. 050 5925859, arja.mikkola(at) or Kirsi Sundqvist, tel. 050-3039531, kirsi.sundqvist(at) 

Tammela day care

Contact person: Paula Laakso tel. 050 372 22, paula.laakso(at) 

Ypäjä day care

Anne-Mari Paloposki, tel. 044 4352015, anne-mari.paloposki[at] or Minna Nouko, tel. 050 5747744, minna.nouko[at] 

Basic education 

All children permanently resident in Finland must attend basic education. Basic education / comprehensive school starts in the same year when the child turns seven. Comprehensive school consists of grades 1-6 (primary school) and 7-9 (upper secondary school). Basic education is organised by municipalities and is free of charge. If a child or young person has just moved to Finland, they can receive preparatory education for basic education. Preparatory education usually lasts for a year. After that, the pupil can continue to study Finnish or Swedish as a second language, S2, if the pupil needs support in learning the language. 

Information on enrolment in basic education can be found on the municipalities' websites. 

Basic education in Forssa

Contact person:  

Humppila basic education

Anssi Lepistö, tel. 044 706 4412, anssi.lepisto(at) 

Jokioinen basic education

Tammela basic education

Contact person: Sari Lukkala, tel. 050 597 6224, sari.lukkala(at) 

Ypäjä basic education

Contact person: Turo Järvelä, tel. 044 4352010, turo.jarvela[at]