General Education

General education is defined as education that provides knowledge and skills that are essential for all. In addition to basic education, general education is provided in upper secondary schools/colleges.   Upper secondary education does not prepare students for a specific profession. With your upper secondary school leaving certificate, you can apply for higher education.

Forssa Community College 

The Forssa College - Forssan yhteislyseo is the only upper secondary school in the Forssa region. You can apply to study there even if you live outside Forssa. 

Forssan yhteislyseo organises preparatory education for upper secondary education if there are enough students. Applicants can contact the school directly (yhteislyseo(at) and ask about the prepratory courses. 

You can read more about upper secondary education on the Forssan yhteislyseo website


Faktia offers integration, adult education and various courses for immigrants.

Adult basic education

Adult basic/school education is organised at the Forssa Vocational Institute, Saksankatu 46. The education is organised by the Municipality of Forssa. Adult basic school education is intended for immigrants who have not completed compulsory education in comprehensive school.

You can start adult basic education when you have basic command of Finnish. The language of instruction in adult basic education is Finnish. At school, you will learn more Finnish and get information about Finland in general. Curriculum, teaching materials and school meals are free of charge.

At the end of adult basic education, you will receive a Finnish basic education certificate and the right to apply to a vocational school or upper secondary school/college.  

 More about basic adult education at Faktia here