Training leading to a profession

Vocational training provides basic knowledge and skills for different professions. You can complete either a full vocational degree or parts of a degree. After completing the vocational degree, you can also apply to the university. In the Forssa region, you can study at the Forssa Vocational Institute, Eerikkilä Sports College and Ypäjä Horse College.


TUVA is preparatory education for programmes leading to an upper secondary qualification .

TUVA education may suit you if

  • you are an adult, but have not yet completed secondary education
  • you need preparatory education before continuing to secondary vocational education or upper secondary education
  • you want to improve your Finnish- or Swedish-language skills before continuing to an upper secondary qualification

During your TUVA education, you can raise your basic education grades to improve your chances of entering secondary education. In addition to that, you can complete upper secondary education and vocational education studies. 

TUVA education lasts 38 weeks. You can also complete just part of the curriculum. You can then apply for a study place suitable for you such as in upper secondary or vocational education.

TUVA education is organised by vocational institutes, secondary schools and comprehensive schools.

For more information on TUVA studies, visit the website of the Forssa Vocational Institute

Forssa Vocational Institute (FAI)

Forssa Vocational Institute is a vocational school located in Forssa. About 1,500 students study there every year. At Forssa Vocational Institute, you can study a profession in areas such as catering, beauty care or education. Other sectors include logistics, machinery and metals, construction, business and information and communication technology. At the Forssa Vocational Institute, you can complete the profession with an apprenticeship. Apprenticeship means on-the-job training. At the Forssa Vocational Institute, you can also obtain permit cards such as a first aid card, a forklift card and a hygiene passport. 

More information is available on the website of the Forssa Vocational Institute

Häme University of Applied Sciences HAMK

HAMK is the only university in Kanta-Häme region and the 8th largest university of applied sciences in Finland. HAMK has about 7,800 students and about 670 staff. At Häme University of Applied Sciences you can study 27 different curricula leading to a Bachelor's degree. HAMK also includes a Teachers’ training college. HAMK has seven different branches, one of which is located in Forssa.

Forssa campus

The Forssa campus has about 550 students and 30 employees. At the Forssa campus, you can study to become a nurse, an environmental planner, an equine professional and a bio-economy engineer. In Forssa, Hamk’s important partners include the Natural Resources Institute of Finland Luke and the Forssa Municipalities’ Welfare Association. The studies include a lot of internships and project work. In Forssa, you can also study for an English-language degree in bioeconomy engineering.

 For more information, visit Hämeen ammattikorkeakoulu's website.

Ypäjä Horse College

Ypäjä Horse College is an equestrian school located in Ypäjä. The college organizes basic, continuing and in-service vocational training in the equine sector. At the college you can train as a horse caretaker, riding instructor and riding teacher. The equestrian college also has short courses, camps, horse training, as well as riding competitions and other events. Ypäjä Equine College is the largest educational institution in the Nordic countries. There are about 250 students there every year and the stables can accommodate 400 horses.

More information on the website of Ypäjä Equestrian College

Eerikkilä Sports College

At Eerikkilä Sports College in Tammela, you can study sports and nature. When studying in the field of sports, you can complete a professional degree in coaching or a special professional degree. When studying in the field of nature, you can complete a professional degree as a wilderness guide or nature guide.

More information on the Eerikkilä Sports College website