Forssa is a town of 17 000 inhabitants in the Kanta-Häme region. Forssa is located in the centre of southern Finland, at the junction of highways 2 and 10. More than half of Finland's population live within 150 km of Forssa and Finland's largest cities Helsinki, Turku and Tampere are only an hour's drive away.   

Forssa has always been an industrial town and is now known for its food processing and environmental companies. The technology and building products industries are also important employers. The largest employers in Forssa are the Forsa Region Welfare Association, the City of Forssa, HK Scan Oyj, Parmarine Oy and Osuuskauppa Hämeenmaa.

Forssa has seven primary schools, two of which have grades 1-9 (Kuhala School and Keskuskoulu). Tölö school provides special education for children and youth in the regions of Forssa, Tammela, Jokioinen, Humppila, Somero and Ypäjä. Schoolchildren can participate in paid afternoon and club activities. 

Forssan yhteislyseo is a upper secondary school with around 500 pupils. Students from other sub-regional districts, such as Tammela, Jokioisi, Ypäjä and Humppilä, can also come to study at the upper secondary school. 

Lounais-Hämeen koulutuskuntayhtymä offers both vocational education at Forssa Vocational Institute and adult and integration education at Faktia. In Forssa Vocational Institute, you can study a profession in, for example, catering, beauty care or education. Other fields include logistics, engineering and metalwork, construction, business and ICT. 

Faktia offers immigrants integration schooling, adult education and related skills development and training packages.  

Häme University of Applied Sciences (HAMK) has a campus in Forssa, where nurses, environmental planners, equine professionals and bio-economy engineers are trained. The Forssa campus also offers a Bachelor of Engineering degree in English. 

Living in Forssa is comfortable and nature is close by. Forssa has good recreational and mobility facilities. Forssa has a swimming pool, a small cinema and extensive sports facilities for the elderly, children and special groups. Forssa has sports fields, indoor sports halls and an ice rink. 

At the end of 2019, there were around 900 persons with foreign background living in Forssa. 

 For more information, visit the City of Forssa website