Health care services for migrants

The Forssa Region Welfare Association offers health services to all immigrants who have been granted a residence permit. An interpreter is available for health matters. It is also possible to use an interpreter to make an appointment.

If you need a health appointment for yourself or your child, and you are able make an appointment in Finnish, call the appointment number of your health centre (ajanvaraus). 

People living in Forssa are divided into different appointment groups. If you live in Forssa and don't know which group you belong to, call 03 41911 in Finnish and ask which health centre group you belong to. 

If you need urgent medical care in the evenings or at weekends, call the emergency number at Forssa Hospital 03 4191 3000. Anyone who needs urgent medical care is entitled to treatment regardless of their nationality or residence permit in Finland.

If you do not speak Finnish and need interpretation to make an appointment, follow these instructions: In the SMS-message for number 04573979982, write the name of your language. If your preferred language is English, for example, write ENGLANTI. The health centre or hospital will call you back with an interpreter speaking your language. 

In an emergency, call 112. The emergency centre has interpretation services. 

Entry health check

The aim is to arrange an entry check for immigrants within two weeks of their entry or residence permit. The check includes an interview and various examinations to determine health condition and mental health. The reception also includes a review of the Finnish health care system and information on practices and services at local level.

Asylum seekers who have been granted a residence permit, quota refugees and other integration seekers are automatically subject to the entry health check. For other immigrants, the check is voluntary, however, recommended. You can get an appointment for the entry health check by contacting your local health centre.