TE- Employment services 

Once you have moved to Finland, the TE Office (TE-toimisto) will provide you with services to help you integrate and find employment.

The TE Office will help and support you in your job search. Services for immigrants:

  • guidance and counselling
  • initial assessment
  • integration plan
  • integration training

Register as a jobseeker

There are two ways to register as a jobseeker:

1. If you are a citizen of an EU/EEA country: register online in Oma asiointi.

2. If you are from outside the EU/EEA: Visit the TE Office or call the customer service.

Wait for the TE Office to contact you back.

 When you come to the TE Office for the first time, plese have with you

  • passport or certificate of temporary detention of your passport from the police
  • residence permit or an EU citizen's registration certificate from the police
  • population register certificate (from the local magistrate - Digi) or Kela card or other document proving that you have a Finnish personal identity number
  • certificates of employment and education translated into Finnish, Swedish or English.

 TE-employment online service Oma asiointi

You can leave your documents in the mailbox of the TE Office in Forssa. If you are interested in taking part in integration training, please contact the TE Office, which is responsible for integration training. 

The municipal employment services can provide support for employment in case of long unemployment.

TE Office

Kartanonkatu 10, 30100 Forssa

National telephone service:

  • Individual customers: 0295 025 500 
  • Service in English: 0295 020 713 
  • Service in Russian: 0295 020 715