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Welfare District of Forssa in a nutshell

Welfare District of Forssa (federation of municipalities) is responsible for

The owners and member municipalities of the Welfare District of Forssa are Forssa, Humppila, Jokioinen, Tammela, Ypäjä and Somero in environmental health care.

EU citizens have a right to the same services/care as Finnish citizens. Moreover, Finland has separate agreements with some countries. These are discussed in section Patient fees.


Postal address
Forssan seudun hyvinvointikuntayhtymä
Box 42
FI-30101 Forssa

Visiting address
Urheilukentänkatu 9
FI-30100 Forssa

Telephone contact center:
Tel. 03 41911 (int. +358 3 41911) open Mon 08.00 – 16.00, Tue - Fri 08.00 -15.30

Email addresses:

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