What to do if you think you might have the coronavirus

In most cases the infection is healed without medical care. If you have only mild symptoms, stay at home and don´t meet other people.

If you can not manage with self-threatment, call the Health care services tel. 03 4191 3000. After making the call, wait at home until you get instructions by phone. If needed, the health care personnel can use a translator when they call you back.

In case of an emergency, please call 112.

Where to find correct information about Coronavirus in English

Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare

Finnish Goverment

Yle news

Helsinki University Hospital

Victim Support Finland - Work related question

The National Telephone Advisory Service 0295 535 535 (normal operator fee) can help with general questions related to coronavirus and is available in Finnish, Swedish and English. It does not offer health advice.