Health care services

In case of an emergency, call the Emergency number 112

Emergency Care:
Forssa Hospital, 24 hours a day
Urheilukentänkatu 9, 30100 Forssa
Tel. 03 4191 3000 (int. +358 3 4191 3000)
Fax 03 4191 3021

Dentist on duty:
Forssa Hospital, Urheilukentänkatu 9, Forssa, Monday - Friday 08.00 – 14.00, tel. 03 4191 3034 (int. + 358 3 4191 3034).
Evenings (15-21), weekends and midweek holidays (8-21) Kanta-Häme Hospital  District, Ahvenistontie 20, 13530 Hämeenlinna, tel. 040 620 5664 (int. +358 40 620 5664)

When you fall ill, but do not need emergency care, if possible, call the health nurse at the health center for phone counseling before arriving at the emergency unit.

Health Centers

Primary Health Care (open Mon-Fri 08.00 -16.00)

Central Health Centre Forssa, Urheilukentänkatu 2, Forssa, team 1 tel. 03 4191 2020 (int. +358 3 4191 2020), team 2 tel. 03 4191 2046 (int. +358 3 4191 2046 and team 3 tel. 03 4191 2060 (int. +358 3 4191 2060).

Humppila, Humppilantie 24, 31640 Humppila, tel. 03 4191 2101 (int. + 358 3 4191 2101)

Jokioinen, Keskuskatu 25, 31600 Jokioinen, tel. 03 4191 2121 (int. +358 3 4191 2121)

Tammela, Einarintie 1, 31300 Tammela, tel. 03 4191 2141 (int. +358 3 4191 2141)

Ypäjä, Perttulantie 18, 32100 Ypäjä, tel. 03 4191 2151 (int. + 358 3 4191 2151)

Apppointment evenings (15.30-22), saturdays (9-21), sundays (9-22)  tel. 03 4191 2010 (int. +358 3 4191 2010)

Please listen to the recorded instructions closely and answer the questions about the nature of your call. A nurse will then call you back as soon as possible.

Patient fees

The Finnish Healthcare system is primarily funded by public tax revenue, apart from the patient fees defined in the Act and Decree on Social and Health Care Client Fees (734/1992, Finlex, In Finnish). See the client fees of the Wellfare District of Forssa. You need a municipality of residence in Finland to be eligible to use public health services. Emergency services are always available to everyone.

Patient fees

Those living in EU/EEA countries must prove their entitlement to immediate medical care. This can be proved by means of the European health insurance card or the E-form (with E111 being the most usual). However, with those living in the United Kingdom and in the Nordic countries, it is sufficient to present a passport or identity card. Those seeking non-immediate care must present the E112 form, or otherwise they are charged the actual costs.

Finland has an agreement with Québec, Canada, with the agreement compensating medical care for those working in Finland on an assignment, for students, and their family members during their temporary stay in Finland. The agreement signed between Finland and Australiacompensates immediate medical care to those living in Finland on a temporary basis, but this does not apply to students. The customer fees for patients coming from these countries are the same as for those living in Finland permanently. The right is obtained by presenting a passport or identity card.

Persons coming from countries other than EU countries or countries with which Finland has signed an agreement must pay the actual costs for both immediate and non-immediate care.

Those coming from other countries and seeking non-immediate care must agree with the chief physician of the speciality in question on access to care and on the care arrangements. The costs of the care must be paid prior to access to care.

Foreigners, who have a municipality of residence in Finland, are charged the same fees as residents living in Finland permanently.